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Odyssey 2 charging issues in “Beast Mode”

I bought a Samsung Odyssey 2 (NP850XBD, assembled in Oct 2019) in December 2019 and, since its acquisition, it has been draining battery while gaming with “Beast Mode” activated in games like Fortnite, Overwatch, CS:GO, and so on, until it reaches 5% and emitting a message alert of battery almost running out of charge.


I‘ve been making tests with Battery Life Extender+ feature on and off, I’ve changed Windows power settings from power saving to high performance profiles but the problem persists, with the computer discharging after I start gaming when battery level reaches 85% on Battery Life Extender+. 


Brazilian Store Fast Shop sent me other notebook last Friday (also assembled in Oct. 2019) and, for my surprise, it is still discharging while plugged in power cord with Battery Life Extender+ on and it stays in intermittent charging when Battery Life Extender+ is off. 

Brazilian branch of Samsung Customer Care Service wasn’t able to help me with a plausible solution and I don’t know if anyone can provide other power supply from a different production batch, so I could keeping making test and see if it’s only a problem with those power supplies or, otherwise, it has an issue in its manufacturing design. 

So, if someone can help me with instructions how to solve that issue to cease battery draining while the notebook is plugged in after playing all day long, so that I don't compromise the battery cycle count with Battery Life Extender + switched off, I will appreciate it a lot. 

Thank you in advance!