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Order lap top on line do not have a receipt

Hi I ordered a T860NZBAXAR online from the Samsung Store. I recieved lap top and was working fine. Now it does not work. I need to find somewhere to repair. I did not register this product untill today. I received Lap Top in May. Where can I find my receipt of when I purchased? I do not see one in my email.

Can I use my Credit Card Statement?


How can I bring my Lap top to a Samsung Galxy Store (Glendale, CA) to see if they can repair. If I do not have a receipt?


Please advise. Thank you,

Staci Kesel


Re: Order lap top on line do not have a receipt

locate your order online !! They definately sent you an email with a receipt and you should have printed it out and saved the email. go online with your bank and find the purchase date and amount and print it. call online store back and ask for a duplicate email ! that is very common. then contact the closest service center and email them a copy of all your proof of purchase info. what's wrong with the laptop. broken screen? damaged boot sector so system won't boot into windows? damaged bios chip system wont pass post? water damage from dropping into a swimming pool?