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Problems with Warranty/receiving replacement

Wife bought me an Odyssey+ around Black Friday as a Christmas gift (from Microsofts Ebay store). The headset ended up having a defective trackpad on one controller. Since it was past the 30-day e-bay standard policy, there was no option to return. I'm in the US, btw.

I contacted Samsung Support by chat, their chat link for 'computing products/hmd' took me to someone who does support for the Samsung Watch.They gave me the 800 number instead to call.

The phone support asked me to read out my model number on the headset to them. I did they generated a ticket with my contact details and information on packaging to send out to their service center (Total Tech Solutions in New Jersey).

About a week goes by (mostly shipping time) and my repair ticket finally updates and says its 'closed'. No return tracking information listed on the ticket. I just wait because I figure it's in the process of sending out or someone just didn't do it.

A couple days later, I receive an e-mail from (ntenr013 at sea.sams...)weird autogenerated address) but it referenced my name and included a NEW ticket number and was about my Samsung 'notebook' product. The e-mail has asked to include the "bill of sale" information in this manner:

We would like to request your purchase receipt in order to proceed with the accommodation request for your Notebook. Please reply to this email with a clear picture of the purchase receipt if available.

I call the support number again and ask if I'm supposed to just directly reply to this e-mail. The phone support said yes, just directly reply with attachments in the e-mail. I add both my paypal transaction and the ebay order confirmation.

Couple days go by, no ticket update again. I use chat support again to try and save time, but I get Samsung Phone device support...I call the 800 number again. I describe the entire situation (as I have to every time) they send me to the appropriate department...describe the problem...he has no idea what kind of product I'm talking about. I tell him it's a 'computing' product on their website...HMD Odyssey+, it's a VR headset. He finally understands and based on my ticket apparently I get transferred again to their "case/exchanges"? department.

Explain entire situation again. I tell him I just wanted to make sure my receipt was received so they could ship me a unit back under my warranty. I also asked multiple times (with him and other support) if I would received a refurbished unit (I wanted either mine back or a new one, not someone else's old grubby one). They all said I would not get a refurbished unit. The support sends me his own e-mail so I can attach the receipt. I do so and he receives it while on the call.

The support puts me on hold for about 15-20 minutes multiple times and essentially says this...

"We cannot give you a replacement unit...we can refund you though."

I ask why and he says that they have no inventory. I asked what happened to the unit I sent to the service center. He says the service center keeps it. I ask why can't you ship me or order me a replacement unit from the online store or get one shipped from a physical location. He says that's 'different' inventory and he can't. I ask how are you going to refund me if I never bought a unit ordered through Samsung. He said I would receive an e-mail within 2 weeks that contained information for the refund.

Here's another part that really really ticked me off: he had to do a check to see what my refund 'calculation' amount was going to be. Guess what, it's less than what we paid retail (for taxes/shipping presumably).

So not only did the warranty process completely F!@#$% fail (what good is having a warranty if you can't fix or replace something you still sell), I now have no Odyssey+ my wife bought as a gift (that was also defective out of box), and I basically lost money and a lot of time. Even if I wanted to buy another one after I get a refund (which could be weeks to a month from now, after they even send me the form or information, who knows) I'm going to be paying a heck of a lot more than we did (about twice as much for another).

I essentially told him to stop everything he was doing with the ticket/case so I could contact someone else and try all this s%$^ again.

Anyone else have their Odyssey+ come back under warranty repair? Did you receive your own repaired unit or a new one...did you get refunded instead? Any one have any advice?