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Samsung 360 15inch

(Topic created: 11-15-2021 12:32 PM)

Just opened my less than 3 month old 2 N 1 and was sayN to myself how fantastic this device is and then as I looked closely at the screen I noticed what appeared to b a hairline N the screen...I said to myself no that can't be... I've dun nothing to create a crack N this screen...i only use it N house and lightly as I hav a Flex and a Samsung 9...yet as I looked closer and sure enuff there r like 3 hairline fractures N the screen and I now am leery about using it N fear of the screen cracking completely....Now my fear is will Samsung do the right thing and either fix or replace this item since the problem is obviously an issue w/the product as I've read where others have experienced the same issue...I pray they do as I am a loyal Samsung buyer...phones, tablets, tvs and computers...I pray they don't disappoint me...I really can't understand I've never had a phone screen crack...is there a reason they couldn't use the same glass on this beautiful computer... 😭


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The device is still under its one year manufacture warranty. You can file a warranty claim or contact a moderator. I recommend SamsungRei. They're excellent for handling product issues. You can search for them in the users tab.