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Samsung Chromebook Pro not turning on

A few days ago I was using my trusty laptop in class as always. Closed it for a couple of minutes while I wasn't using it and as I reopened it I noticed everything was slow and laggy. Switching between tabs took a few extra seconds. Letters I would type would appear not when I pressed then but after a few moment . Loading pages seemed to take an eternity. I thought perhaps it was my internet so I switched networks multiple times and it wasn't fixing my issue. After becoming increasingly annoyed I tried looking up how to fix the problem, I cleared my history and cookies, turned it off, and now it just dosen't  turn on at all. I plug in my charger and I get a yellowish white light and I have no idea what to do. I'd really appreciate some kind of help as I use this for school and work. Even if it's just pointing me into the right direction of who to ask help for. Thank You.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Chromebook Pro not turning on

We're sorry to hear of this. Please reach out to us via private message with your model and serial number if you'd like for us to look into this. 

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