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Samsung Chromebook laptop refund issue and customer service FAILURE

I feel like I am out of options other than filing a lawsuit at this point, so that is my next step. I purchased a new Samsung Chromebook laptop April 6, 2020. After using it for only a few short weeks, it stopped charging, turning on, everything. I contacted Samsung to see how to get it repaired, and they said it was still under their warranty, so ship it to their repair center and they will fix it for free or provide me a full refund if they aren't able to fix it. I shipped it to them on 7/30, it was received by the repair center on 8/3, and I was contacted shortly after (8/17) to inform me they weren't able to repair it and will issue me a full refund. I was impressed! I selected to receive the refund as a check instead of as Samsung store credit, and they told me it would be processed and mailed within 6-10 days.    I did not expect that this would turn into a 2 month long nightmare where I have had no resolution and have not seen my refund. 

Customer service, case management, tech support, are all absolutely incompetent and are not equipped to handle a refund, or anything really, and do not have the knowledge as to how to complete any customer issues. I was told different lies as to where my refund was every single time I called (which has been almost daily), and no one could give me a straight answer as to the date I was actually going to receive my check/money, or what was holding it up, or even where the check was. On 8/18 the refund was processed and was in the accounting department. On 8/20 the refund was processed for payment. On 8/22 the check was issued (so the customer service rep told me), it was mailed out to me on 9/4. I was told I would receive it in roughly 5-8 days at this point. Customer service told me that by Sept 10th at the latest if I have not received my check in the mail, then I needed to call back and an investigation would have to be opened because Sept 10th would have been over the maximum amount of time it would take to mail.  After 10 days, I called again asking where it was. I was told that I have to actually wait for 14 business days to receive it. When I asked if they had any type of tracking number or way to see where the check is in the mail, they informed me they have no way to see where it is or went, just that it was sent. I was told then to please give it a few more days, and if by 9/23 I had still not received it in the mail, to call back and request that it be reissued but this time request direct deposit so I can get the refund ASAP. Called customer service back on 9/25, and reported I had no refund check yet, and I was passed around to many different departments, with no real answers or solutions being given. I have always been told to just wait 2-3 days and a Samsung rep will call ME to handle the next step. I HAVE NEVER ONCE RECIEVED A CALL FROM ANYONE AT SAMSUNG THROUGH OUT THIS PROCESS! I was told AGAIN on 9/25 to wait until 10/1, and if I had not received it by then, call back and they will open an investigation as to where the refund is. 

I have since called 2-3 times daily, and have spent hours on hold trying to find someone to help me, to no avail. 

I am being given the run around, and no one can tell me why I haven't seen my money. The biggest issue I have is that no one will actually handle/resolve the issue right there, and deposit my refund into my bank that day, and fix the problem themselves. I am told to wait and they'll call me back, or to wait and then call them to start the next step in this process, yet no one follows through and has granted any resolution whatsoever. 

I called on 9/29 to request the reissue and it to be direct deposited, because I am unable to wait for the money any longer, and case management informed me for the first time that my refund check had been REISSUED already, on 9/22 he said, and sent to me then. So now I must wait to receive it in the mail (of course, this has been their "solution" every time I have called, and given a date to wait until, then that date passes and I am just told a different date to wait until again and again and again) and if by 10/2 I have not got it yet, or 10/5 at the absolute latest, call back and they will see what they can do for me at that time. I demanded to have them cancel the check, and issue me a direct deposit because I cannot wait anymore, and was told repeatedly that there wasn't a way to do that. I asked if there was someone I could talk to in a different department, or accounting, that CAN do that for me, he said no. I know this is something that can be accomplished, however everyone refused to help me get that taken care of. If I go by the spiel of the 14 business day possible mailing time, then that would mean that it could take up until 10/12 to receive this 2nd refund check! Which I know I will not receive because I know there has not been a single check issued or mailed to me. Now I have to just wait weeks more in order to call back and start the process of another refund attempt!

I purchased the laptop at the start of the COVID pandemic when I was required to work from home moving forward. I am a single mother of 2 kids, so working is ESSENTIAL to care for my daughters, to feed them, keep a roof over their heads, etc. This laptop was my only laptop in the house, and only device I had that I could use to video chat/complete my job on. When it broke, I was out of a way to make income, until I received it back, or got the money back to be able to purchase a new one. I wasn't even able to wait one week in order to get a solution to resume working, however was forced to wait from 7/30/2020 until today, 9/29/20, and it still hasn't been resolved! That is 2 months of no income, no bills able to be paid, and as a result THE LOSS OF MY JOB DUE TO THE INABILITY TO WORK FROM HOME BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A COMPUTER TO DO SO!

I have decided at this point, and after giving Samsung over 20 attempts on the phone and 2 months, to move forward in the process of filing a lawsuit against Samsung. 

I cannot find a single person in Samsung, in any department, that will agree to help me and solve this issue right then and there while I am on the phone. Instead, I am lied to and told to wait, and nothing ever occurs. 

I cannot believe the way this company handles (or mismanages rather) their refunds! This is so unprofessional and I will never be purchasing from them again. I have been a life long Samsung user, and almost all of my appliances/electronics are Samsung, and I have 2 family members about to purchase all new appliances for their entire home who have watched this mess and states now they will buy their items elsewhere due to the horrific customer service and repairs/refunds issues I have had. I am so disappointed in this company because I have always trusted their products, but now see that if there is ever a problem with one of them, I will; never get the company to ethically and properly handle it. NOT WORTH BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS ANYMORE! 

So, now that I have said my peace after being ignored and lied to for 2 months, I will see you in court Samsung. 

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2, 2-in-1 , 64gb: XE520QAB-K03US
Purchase price: $535.82