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Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Samsung Settings App Missing Menu Options

(Topic created on: 10/29/20 11:08 PM)

Dear all,


I have a galaxy book flex and in a recent update, I lost access to some of my function keys (f9 keyboard backlight, f10 outdoor brightness mode, and f11 wireless power sharing). I did a bunch of digging and found that my "samsung settings" app paired with a recent windows driver update might be the culprit. My samsung settings app looks like this, missing 3 or 4 options within the app itself.




I chatted with a samsung representative who said it sounds like a windows driver issue and recommended I take my pc into a repair center. The problem is, I live in Japan. I bought my laptop in the States a few months ago and had it shipped over. There is no repair center in Japan. Is there anyway I can fix this on my own? Is there a windows update coming in the future that will address this issue? Thanks for the help.


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