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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Display Destroyed TWO Times

My update to Chrome OS 84.0.4147.94 on my Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has destroyed my display again. A Google update from about two months ago killed the eye-popping OLED look, washing out the colors. Now, with 84.0.4147.94, everything has a white sheen over it, making it impossible to use this computer for design work.


Samsung denied ever hearing about this issue when I called two months ago. Now, it's impossible to get support reps on the phone. I tried over two 30-minute calls tonight. 


Samsung and Google are believed to have worked closely on this flagship Chromebook, and you've destroyed the display two times—and no one's saying a word. This is lawsuit city! I want you to buy back this $1,000 computer from me!


Evidence of others' issues: