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Samsung Magician and Magician DC

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For MS Windows 10 Pro x64 22H2...

I will have both 860 Pro SATA and PM893 SATA SSD drives in this computer.

I'm planning to install Samsung Magician's both consumer and DC versions for Windows.

My question is: For Windows can Samsung Magician (consumer) and Magician DC co-exist and be used flawlessly in my sitiuation?

Another question if both can co-exist and run without issues: Is there an order of installation? Consumer first, DC later, vice-verse, etc.

860 Pro 4 TB
870 Evo 250 GB
970 Pro 1 TB
PM893 7.68 TB SATA
Story Station Plus 1.5 TB
Story Station Plus 2 TB
Story Station 3.0 2 TB
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