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Samsung Notebook 9 Pro hangs when I work on Java, C++, PHP,and CSS

(Topic created: 10-02-2021 08:21 AM)

Hello there friends,

I am an Energy engineer and a developer. I usually work with Java, C++, PHP, and CSS to develop websites, or work with themes to design websites like glintylab or aquamacho which are my latest projects. 

I have updated my windows license and  the speed of above mentioned websites is excellent, and I know for sure my hosting is also fast. I don't know why I get a pop of "kill the page, or wait" whenever I try to work on WordPress. The laptop is powerful, it never lags, but for some reason it is not responding well with WordPress.

  • I am using paid caching plugins
  • Paid theme (GP-PREMIUM)
  • The laptop is brand new
  • Windows 10's license has been updated
  • Hosting is also fast
  • Illustrator, and premiere works fine
  • It hangs and becomes slow whenever I work with WordPress, and my laptop gets hot. 

Is there something wrong with my laptop? I don't know why it is happening. Even my old 5th gen: Haier laptop  works fine with WordPress

I am facing slow hard drive problem as well.

Can you guys guide me what to do?

THANKS. PageSpeed Insights - Google Chrome 10_2_2021 7_56_24 PM.pngPageSpeed Insights - Google Chrome 10_2_2021 7_55_53 PM.png


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