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Samsung Notes

(Topic created: 09-08-2023 10:31 AM)

Samsung Notes is probably one of the best apps that I have utilized - at least when using a Samsung Device.  Other Note applications are not geared towards devices using a stylus; especially with the no touch while using stylus feature.  So I converted from using other Note applications to using only Samsung Notes.  And it works great with syncing notes between my S22 Ultra, my S22, and my Tab 7S FE...

It is ridiculous that I had to backdoor to download Samsung Notes on my laptops and desktop though.  It is now extremely ridiculous that it doesn't work on my computers (a desktop, which Samsung doesn't even compete in the desktop market, and a gaming laptop, which Samsung honestly does not scratch at competing it) because they are not "Galaxy Books".

Although yes, a workaround would be great for the interim.  But long term... Samsung makes a superior product and should actually offer it even to people who are on board with Samsung but can't fully commit.


P.S. I would also like to install it on other Android devices (or even iOS) - maybe I want to collaborate notes with my wife or coworkers or et cetera that either can't or won't use a Samsung device but do realize the Samsung Notes is great.

Alternatively, I'll keep looking for an alternative and inevitably move away from Samsung Notes because I doubt they will actually change anything about this.

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And they should add fonts