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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus which I love using for all of my note-taking as a college student via Samsung Notes. I also have a Samsung Galaxy Ion laptop which has Samsung notes on it.

I have both of my devices connected to the same Samsung cloud account; however, since the first day that I started my Samsung laptop (almost 6 months ago), I have not been able to sync my Samsung notes up to date with my tablet! Despite "syncing", my laptop has about 60% of my tablet's notes, with nothing that is more recent than 1 year ago. It is as if I started the sync from the cloud to my laptop and that it was too big to complete. I don't think I have used my 15gb of free samsung cloud storage? If that may be the problem, how do I check? It definitely isn't an issue of no more memory/space on my laptop. 

On my laptop, whenever I go into "Samsung Note Settings" and press "Sync with Samsung Cloud" it gives me an error message of "We can't connect to the service you need right now. Check your network connection or try this again later". My network connection can't be the problem. Unsure what is going on.



My tablet has 567 total notes, my laptop has 340. Both of them have the same number of old format notes, 152, probably indicating that the sync problem is with the newer notes only. Right now I synced it again and it was able to connect to the service. It did not add any notes to my laptop even though it is supposedly done with syncing. On my tablet's Samsung cloud app information it says that my Samsung notes are worth 2.38 GB while on my laptop it says they are worth 732.65 MB.

The notes on my laptop's Samsung Notes stop past October 19, 2020. 11 months ago. Everything prior to this was synced perfectly. Nothing after this date shows up on my laptop. I confirmed by comparing the notes to what I have on my tablet's Samsung Notes of October 19th,  2020 and older. 

Further Edit: 

I just downloaded Samsung Notes on my PC, and I started the fresh sync to my Samsung Cloud account. However, it also says 732.65 MB (like my laptop does). It's looking like it is going to be the same scenario as my Galaxy Ion Laptop. 

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Hey I was having literally the same problem up until literally right now.

Turns out my Notes app from my notebook wasn't updated, and I had no way of knowing because nowhere was telling me to update. 
I tried to download an older version someone posted on another thread but the app installer froze, and then because of that the Microsoft store froze as well. 

So I rebooted my notebook, downloaded the Notes app from Microsoft Store again, logged in again, and syncd again. And it just worked. 

I think it was just this update issue because my Notes app is in dark mode now, which it wasn't before. So that's what worked for me, it doesn't hurt to try, I hope it works for you.