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Samsung T7 Touch not recognized on my MacBook Pro (2013 Late), Big Sur 11.6

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When I connect the T7 Touch to my MacBook Pro, nothing shows up in My Computer and it does not recognize it on the software ("no Samsung Portable SSD is connected").


What I have done.


1. I attached my Samsung T7 to my MacBook 

2. I could see that the SSD is attached and I could open it

3. I install Samsung Software, and I got prompted to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and under the General tab you are to find a Notification under the "Allow apps downloaded from:" section.

4. I approved and needed to restart MacBook to finish the installation

5. MacBook restarted software is up, but it cannot detach my SSD

6. In the updated version there was an update so I did.


Now when I attach my SSD to my MacBook Pro in late 2013, I cannot find it anywhere, not in Disk Utility (Not even in recovery mode by holding Command+R)



1. Uninstall the Samsung Portable SSD utility using the script inside the Application contents 

2. macOs in recovery mode and disable kernel extensions blocking.

$ spctl kext-consent disable” Command cannot be found on my MacBook Pro 2013 Late, since it does not have a T2 chip. So that does not help anything.

3. Now when I reinstall Samsung Software I do not get prompt by System Preferences > Security & Privacy 

It just asks me to restart, and then it all starts over again.

My BRAND NEW SSD cannot be used?


I have read so many different solutions, but most of the solutions are for newer Macs with T2 chip, which my Mac does not have isn’t there a SIMPLE way to fix this? It cannot be true, you pay 3x the amount of a SATA disk to have these issues.


Should I send it back, and just buy a simple external SATA drive? I really wish this would just work

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Hello Guys,

I figured it out, forget about all the difficult stuff, simply take your Samsung T7 and connect to a PC, Format to exFAT, even though it is already exFAT. I did that and now my MacBook is reading and writing to the SSD.


If there are solution for above, other than format the SSD on a Windows PC please be free to share.