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Samsung T7 help - can't update firmware/not automatically recognizing drive


I installed the Samsung Portable SSD software and connected my T7. Though the software recognized the T7, Windows 10 (Pro) does not. Nothing displayed in explorer, so I had to create a new volume manually through disk management. Is this normal?


When I plugged in another external SSD drive, Windows immediately recognized it and labeled it correctly in Explorer. Nothing happened when I plugged in the T7, only the notification sound that happens when you plug something in.


Also, does anyone know how to update the firmware? When I click the "update" option in the Samsung Portable SSD, it only allows me to update the sofware not the firmware. I clicked refresh and it says the software is up to date.. nothing about the SSD itself.


I can't for the life of me find anything on Google that worked.




Re: Samsung T7 help - can't update firmware/not automatically recognizing drive

1. Format USB stick to FAT 32, use RUFUS.

2. Unplug EVERYTHING from your monitor including the power cable, Wait 30 secs.

3. Plug in ONLY your HDMI or Displayport cable and the powercable. Go into your monitor settings and click RESET ALL.

4. Unplug all cables again including the power and wait 30secs.

5. Plug in your USB stick first, then your HDMI or Displayport only and the power. DO NOT PLUG IN THAT USB Cable that came with your monitor.

6. Go to your update section and it should read the USB stick and update.