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Samsung odyssey G7 32 INCH Issues

hello guys, i got the samsung g7 32 inch today.
And i noticed a lot of small but very annoying issues with it.
  1. The in game image is way too sharp even after adjusting the sharp option on the monitor
  2. in places where there are strong colors you can actually see lines of pixels..
  3. overall picture quality is a disaster
i have an alienware 34 nano ips to compare and i have no issues like this on it straight from the box perfect, but this G7 is such a bad buy..
Does any of you encounter this issues.
My firmware is 1009 the latest.

Re: Samsung odyssey G7 32 INCH Issues

Its know as the horizontal line/scanline issue. I have it as well. Some settings such as blacklight equalizer  and refresh rate have something to do with how prevalent the issue is, but it isnt a fix. These monitors are just defective.