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Sound driver update issue for Galaxy Book Ion 15.6 inch

Greetings. On my new Galaxy Book Ion, the Samsung update app seems to be in an "update loop" with respect to two different Sound drivers. The Update app does not show version numbers of these drivers, but one has a file size of 367.36 Mb, and the other has a file size of 532.95 Mb. When I have one installed, the app tells me to install the other one, but only one of them--the 367.36 Mb version--works. With the 532.95 Mb version installed, I hear no sound, and the bot in the "Get Help" app can find no audio device, nor does the Realtek audio console load. So, I keep the working, 367.36 Mb version installed, but I am getting tired of the Samsung Update app telling me that an upgrade is available for my computer, only to find that the "upgrade" is the Sound driver version that does not work. Can anyone offer adivce on resolving this problem? Many thanks in advance.