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Stylus scrolls in Edge on Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 --- how to select text?

(Topic created: 03-24-2023 07:53 AM)

Since the days of Go Corp.'s PenPoint and Windows for Pen Computing, I have been accustomed to select text by just dragging the stylus --- that no longer works --- for some reason the stylus has now been dumbed down to be an 11th touch input which scrolls.


How can I get back the far more expressive behavour of drag-select text with a stylus and using touch when I wish to scroll?

As an FYI, I handed a stylus and my Samsung Galaxy Book 12 (running Windows Build 1703 which predates this change) to a technician at the local Best Buy and they had no problem selecting text --- when I challenged them to select text on a Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 using the stylus they were unable to to.

Could we please have an option to restore the traditional behaviour?

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