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V-NAND-SSD 860 EVO SSD Not recognized in Samsung Data Migration on HP Envy m6 Convertible laptop

(Topic created on: 12/28/20 6:37 PM)

I got a new 860 EVO SSD Hard drive for my fiance's laptop for Christmas. I had been trying to clone her old hard drive to the new 860 EVO SSD Hard drive on HP Envy m6 Convertible Laptop. I had plugged the USB to SATA Cable (Sabrent brand) to the 860 EVO SSD Hard drive. I ran the Samsung Data Migration 4.0. (I downloaded it from the website and installed it). I ran it and the target drive is disabled. Couldn't connect to the SSD Hard drive or finding it. I upgraded the Intel Rapid Storage Technology. The OS Is Windows 10 Home 64-bit. I had been trying it for a few days. I am not getting any luck. On this laptop, in the BIOS, there is no options to change it to AHCI.  I had been upgrading drivers. Still Nothing. I looked in the Disk management console.  It is listed as Disk 1 and Drive E On the bottom which it said No media.  In the device manager, it is listed as a generic ATA/ATAPI Device USB Device.  In the Control Panel, under Devices and Printers, it is listed as USB Mass Storage Device. Can anyone help me with this? I am thinking that I am really missing a piece to get it to work. I installed two Samsung SSD on my laptop earlier this year with no issues. I was saying to myself why it is not working on my fiance's laptop? 

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