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The Notebook 7 we bought started shutting itself down after we had it for 10 months.  Finally at 11 months we called Samsung and they told us to send it in for repair and that we should have in back in 1 week.  They received it 4/28/20.  After not hearing anything for a month.  I called in, and they told us they could not repair it, so they would issue a replacement.  Waited again.  Nothing.  Called after a couple more weeks.  Now they say they can't issue a replacement but will give us a partial refund.  Told me to fill in a questionaire. Have called them back multiple times.  Been on hold or talking to Samsung via phone for a total of at least 10 hours and still no refund after 3 months of waiting.  How is this a 1 year warranty??  How is it OK to say you will fix it but don't?  That you say you will issue a replacement, but don't? That you say you will issue a refund, but don't? I will try to avoid purchasing a Samsung product in the future and recommend you be weary.