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What we want to see on Samsungs NEXT LAPTOP FLAGSHIP aka" Galaxy Book Pro ULTRA"

(Topic created: 08-16-2021 10:32 AM)
So we want to see the Following 

-40 MP UHD front Facing Camera w/60fps (not the 720 T stands for 720 Trash)
-Ultra Stereo Speakers! Place it on top where we can actually hear the sounds! Not on the BOTTOM!
-High Quality Microphone thats not TRASH
-4k Display at 120 Hz cuz why not? You made it possible on the Chromebook so why not?
-Built in SPen (If it cant be Helped, then make a suitable placement for the Spen
-Galaxy Book Pro Ultra Case! We need a case for our Laptops too not only for the Phones and tablets
-More Color Options(Because if you make everything stated above, people WILL BUY IT)
If You Make these things above Possible, I swear people are GONNA BUY!

Also make a color the same as the S21 Lineup Phantom Black and Phantom Silver!!!!

We just want a Flagship Samsung Laptop so Please PLEASE SAMSUNG STOP BEING DUMB AND DO THESE THINGS!
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