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false location notification on my samsung account that says I am in puerto rico when I am in fact he

(Topic created: 12-03-2021 10:35 AM)

I had not checked in to my samsung account in about 4, 5 weeks then I logged in a day or two ago and  got in but received a notification that says the account thinks I am in puerto rico and will not let me shop, register a product, or nothing on the samsung website. calling support is nothing as no one is knowledgeable to correct this mistake. Is it possible for me to sign out of my samsung account and come back in with a new password and the location corrects itself?!  the samsung people are too arrogant to refer me to someone to correct this problem..and will not give me an email address to find the solution from samsung. I could reset and powerwash my chromebook to its original settings but I don't think that will clean out the samsung app. 

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