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galaxy book flex alpha not reading usb memory stick

(Topic created: 07-19-2021 12:25 AM)

I have looked everywhere I can and just find the right answer.

I need to download the files from my old computer but my memory stick isn't being recognized.

My new laptop is a Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 

The memory stick works in two other laptops and a desktop, so I know it's not the issue. Community forums haven't had the answer, either.


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Red Giant
Flex a Alpha by chance? Windows 10 and Intel 10th gen cpu? If so isn't that classified as a tablet not a laptop though it uses lap top tech? Cause if so the lap top drivers used for the other 2 to read it won't show to download for it for 1 thing and second, it's USB 3.0 not the older USB from them either and prolly requires some sort of adapter or something. You can try this to see if it works... change the preset default action for the USB connection to like file transfer or something similar so it can use the set up wizard for offloading the storage drive or check the online stores Microsoft, Google, galaxy, etc for a PC version of off say a device to device or file transferring from an external storage or a USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 type thing, there are quite a few. If no luck then look for transferring via USB to C and use you charing cord USB to C to connect the memory stick and tablet. If nothing else you can get a stick to whatever other type of storage adapter and change the data to that storage device and use it to download to the book. That'll cost a bit though so last resort