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keyboard typing multiple keys at once/no keys at all

(Topic created: 09-18-2021 02:21 PM)

So, I've gotten myself into a fairly bad situation with my laptop, a Samsung Notebook 7. As the title suggests, I've had to plug in an external keyboard. A few days ago, I decided that it would be a good idea to remove all of the keys from my keyboard in order to clean underneath them. It really shouldn't have been too much of a big deal, and I would feel less gross about using my keyboard. So, I took off all the keys, and I used rubbing alcohol because I figured I've used it on other electronics, so it shouldn't be a big deal. But I quickly learned that I should stick to messing up stuff with software instead.

Now, whenever I type certain keys, it will press two or three at once, and for others, it won't work at all. For example, let me just press the "h" key on the laptop keyboard: "huy"

doesn't work right. Sometimes, normal letter keys will hit function keys, and at one point when I turned it on, it started uncontrollably typing "-"s for some reason. I did get that fixed, took off the key and put it back on, it's fine now.

The backlight is still fully functioning.

Now, there were one of three things that could've caused this issue to be happening, and it could be a combination of the three. The first one is that I didn't let it dry for long enough. Even though I used rubbing alcohol, there was still a decent portion of water in it, and I hardly let it dry before I got it up and running again, and it wasn't working at all when I first turned on my computer again. The second is that I was too rough with the underside of the keys. I had a small brush I was using to clean them off, but I might've gotten too aggressive with scrubbing, damaged something important, etc. The third is that I might've managed to shove some of the debris underneath the key mechanisms and really **bleep** something up where I can't reach. I don't really have nearly as much proof for something like this happening, and it's probably the least unlikely of the three, but it's a possibility.

I was going to take the laptop in to get repaired on Monday, but before then, I want to know if it's possible that it's something I can fix on my end. Maybe readjust the keys, whatever. Because at first, the 2 key was not working, but then I took off the key cap, pressed the bit underneath, it worked fine, put the key cap back on, and the 2 key works now. Granted, it types x and w at the same time, but there's something going on that I've managed to change. What most likely caused the issue I have now, and is there any way I can deal with it myself before taking it in to get it fixed professionally? Or maybe I should just get it fixed professionally. It might not be the best idea for me to be screwing around with the keyboard more. 

Now a really weird hypothetical: would cleaning out the keyboard again make any difference? Of course, being much careful than last time, letting the thing actually dry. I suspect that if the third option is more in line with reality, this would make sense. I don't really know what to do, so I have decided to consult The People Of Samsung.

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