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Bad service!!!

We never recieved a dime for our $500 rebate when we purchased 5 appliances from home depot over a year ago now. Our items came in damaged and late (home depot credited us $50 for our wait..... not samsung by no means have they ever excepted any responsibility) we have had numerous problems with our dishwasher that was supposedly" top quality " I've literary have thousands of dollars invested in samsung products in my home and in phones everything electronic I own and use daily . It is a huge disappointment  that they treat customers  the way they do. My dishwasher now has an expired warranty that was supposed to be upgraded due to the countless times it had to be serviced from the beginning.  When it should have been replaced because it was clearly a defected appliance. And the rebate they put on home depot like it was their fault and never honoured it or owned up to it.  So as of now when i shop for new appliances or any electronic  for that matter Samsung will not benefit from me or my family. Ive had it and am officially done with their lies.