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Learning to appreciate and utilize what's there

(Topic created: 10-22-2020 04:34 PM)

Lake Selinda, Salem, INLake Selinda, Salem, IN

I had a really bad go at this whole life thing a short while back. I found myself staying up all night unable to sleep and I eventually decided to busy my mind. The wormhole that is YouTube got me. But it taught me the coolest thing I had seen so far this year that being, there's a pro mode. 

And I spent the remainder of my time learning how to use it and all about it. 


I noticed daylight was coming and decided I hadn't appreciated a sunrise in....well, i dont really know how long and i had definitely NEVER photographed one. 


After about 60+ varying pictures of different things, 45-ish usable...this was my favorite. 

No editing. I am so happy with this. 


It was a cold day in a cold part of my life and I can see the colors and relate that way, but I find nothing but beauty in this picture and I am thankful something as silly as my Note 9 is what keeps me going sometimes. 


Take time to learn a new skill. Fake time to appreciate the little things you wouldn't normally think about. 

It is most definitely worth it. 




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Thank you for sharing, this is beautiful.