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Samsung is a terrible company to deal with. I will never buy another Samsung product and I will make sure all of my customers know what junk they put out and how they don't take ownership of defective appliances (like refrigerators), etc... I think we should all boycott Samsung and put signs up at all major retailers warning consumers not to buy Samsung products. Let's use social media to shut them down. A company like this deserves to go out of business.


Re: Refrigerator

I totally agree!!  I have a six month old Samsung refridgerator that stopped working on Thursday.  The users manual is rather bad (found more useful information online and not the Samsung site) and customer support basically just read me the manual (on several calls).  Over the last few days, we have spent hours (literally) on the phone with customer support.  Customer support and the manual does not have any information on what to do if the power goes out or if you unplug the refridgerator.


It is 90 degrees outside for the next few days and Samsung can only get an in-home repair person to look at the refridgerator next Thursday (a week from now)!!  We have had to toss a lot of food and Samsung customer support was totally unwilling to even consider refunding some of the money lost in the food.  Apparently, anything lost if their refridgerator fails is not their responsibility.


We wanted to post a comment on the Samsung website about their product.  Their customer support people kept saying that there is a place but the Samsung website is so convoluted, the only thing we could find is this blog and chatting with a support person.  Since we cannot find something on the Samsung website, we will be going to social media and other websites to raise our concerns.  This will be the last Samsung device I will ever buy.