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Samsung sends back broken device

I purchased a phone second hand. Two weeks later the fingerprint sensor in the screen started giving me an error. I called samsung and was advised to bring the device in to a UbreakIfix center for service. After bringing it to the center they kept it over night and reloaded the software on the phone. The fingerprint still gave an error and they advised me to send it in to samsung for repair. I had to put my sim card into a 5 year old phone because samsung does not provide any phone while you send the phone in. Samsung kept the phone for a week, and then sent the device back to me citing the phone unrepairable due to rooting of the device. I never rooted the device. I tried powering the device back on and it no longer powers on. I tried contacting samsung direct and keep getting transffered to the service center where they hang up on my calls. This is incredibly unproffesional and I never experienced such disservice with any other manufacturer. I know have a device back that I can no longer use and samsung doesn't want to do anything about it. I own lot of their products (tvs, appliances, other phones) and will no longer purchase any of their products going forward. What a joke.