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We would like the old Samsung back...

(please read if you are a samung employee) Samsung, with the release of the new note 10 and note 10+ I and many others have seen you becoming more like apple. Removing features and charging more for it, when you finally upgrade your fast charger you dont put the fastest one that the phone could use in the box, you make 90hz oled displays for other companies but not for your own flagships until apple pushes you to (i am aware that you are testing out the tech before you impliment it on your own flagship devices, but why dont you just test it out of one of your lower end phones then like everything else?). Finally the headphone jack... you were able to fit a 4,300mah battery in the note 10+ and that is really impressive how much thinner it is, but thats not what the note is about. The note is about being the best and everything pushed to the limits and just the best flagship phone money can buy and still somehow being the same prrice if not cheaper then the competing iphones. Now you have removed several features like the bixby button... the reason im mentioning it is because you have finnaly made it useful! then you remove it. You have had the heardrate sensor for so long and you ditch it, for what? a thinner design? you then decreeced the quality of the speaker set up to make the note 10 more pretty, again thats not what the note is about. You also didnt impliment the newer 855+ procesor in the phone to make it at least faster then the s10. is the s10 had an s pen it would feel more like a real note then the actual note 10. All of those compromises over your previous flagship are only for the note 10+, but there are evn more compromises. Again, for the sake of thinness you only put in a 3,500mah battery into it. Really? for a note device? then you removed the sd card slot, then you lowered the resolution of the display down to 1080p from 1440p for the first time on a nore device, it doesnt support the faster 45w fast charging as the bigger phone, everything about it is worse not just the battery being smaller and as well as the screen also being smaller. It is a worse phone all around and even worse then the normal sized s10 that it was sipposed to improve on! I know this is sounding like a rant, because it kinda is, but im nt the only person who is disapointed in you samsung. Everyone who loved you for "having it all" is disapointed because we felt like you were a company we could trust. Same with oneplus, thy started raising their prices and branched out and started to care more about the money and became more like apple. I hope that doesnt happen with you samsung. However unfortunatly i think it has already started... We all hope you will go back to what you used to be and be the phone company that people could trust to do the very best they could every year instead of getting by with the bare minimum to be ahead of apple. If you want to make us happy. Im not going to tell you al the features you should add back, but i will say this. Make all future galaxy devices more note 9 like. If you need to make the chassis bigger to get a bigger battery in there then make it a bit thicker for that bigger battery, and just be the phone that can do anything. Dont have wireless headphone sor dont like wireless heapdhones? headphone ajck is there. You wanna watch a movie with no inturuptions? no temporary cool looking hole punch that will be obsolete in a few years. You know what im talking about because you guys created that phone, so just make your future phones decendents of the note 9 and not the note 10. Trust me, you will have far less hate and will have far more happy samsung costumers then if you became like apple. Apple can do what they do becuase they are apple. So stop trying to follow their lead and make them follow yours.


For anyone who read through this, i am very greatful for your time 😊 and if you dont work at samsung, please give this discusion some recognition and just maybe we can change things.


Re: We would like the old Samsung back...

I am picking up what you're setting down. The note 10 is great phone but it's not special. Samsung let the design of the device control its function. Bad management is to blame for this one, they have seemingly lost touch with the users of their devices. Make your flagship devices great and trickle those features down the line, it's pretty simple.