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Beta 5 pros vs cons

(Topic created: 10-21-2022 09:35 AM)
- smoother animations closing and opening applications
- lots of intial BETA bugs fixed 
-some new lock screen animations and clock design change 
-some new features in settings
-new icon changes however, was pulled and we're stuck with the same icons since intital release of One UI 

- No car crash detection feature 
- visual overhaul of the system, practically the same since the first release of ONE ui
- task bar/ notification bar no new animations or cool features added/ visual overhaul. Would have loved to see options to change the circular icons of the notification bar maybe even allow us to change the depth/size of the brightness slider in my opinion to small for my big fat fingers
-color pallette not working for all applications and settings
-No new icons 
-No options to adjust or customize always on display like the lockscreen clock, in my opinion would love a bigger clock style like the lock screen on my always on as I sometimes glance at my phone for the time from across the room on a charger
-no new or exciting unlock animations to the home screen.
-no new fingerprint animations/ options to choose new animations, personally I have shut mine off as I don't like the "water affect" 
-besides new visuals to the lockscreen it feels the same as one Ui 4 not much implementations of all my recommendations from previous betas 
-keyboard still not as good as Gboard in my opinion
-would love to see a change in the notification bar and some visual changes to how wifi icons looks battery percentage takes up to much room would personally prefer the battery percentage to be inside the battery icon. Allows us to change the size of the icons on the notification bar. Subtle little changes like this makes a difference
-wallpaper scrolling!

Thanks for reading team Samsung 

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So true. I wish that it were better. Gboard is leaps and bounds ahead of Samsung keyboard. It's not even close. Sucks because you can customize Samsung keyboard really well with goodlock. Maybe someday
Googles software is so much better but the emojis are just so bad