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Display went all Strobe light on me

I had the play store open updating apps, then minimized the screen to my home screen and it went to a strobe light flickering. Wouldn't let me go to home screen. I was able to select this app, Samsung Members app, from the III button of open apps. It didn't like something. I generated the error reports immediately after the issue and submitted this issue. Just thought I would post it here as well. S20 Sprint all updates current. 
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Re: Display went all Strobe light on me



Thank you for your feedback. If you haven’t already, please send us an error report to help us debug the issue. Please also keep an eye out for any other issues you may encounter. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your contribution to the beta program.



One UI Beta Team


Re: Re: Display went all Strobe light on me

I submitted it and ran error report immediately after issue. It was odd. The home screen image appeared and flashed on image then black and so on so fast that's why I described it as a strobe light. Anywhere I touched on the main screen area of my phone also had no response to my touch, but the bottom 3 Samsung buttons worked. If I replicate the issue again I'll resubmit.