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Experience So Far with Beta 3

(Topic created: 09-26-2022 08:39 AM)
This is the first Beta program I have tried for an OS update.

Besides some modules with Goodlock not yet being updated everything is working very well. No issues whatsoever. 
As a bonus, I am noticing better battery life. No really! This is the first time an OS has actually produced better battery life for me.

Samsung Ultra 22
Nova Launcher as an overlay to OneUI.
No issues at all.
Fixed not being able to use the eraser when editing pics. See post by Samsung support. Just need to delete the current files they mention.
Also did a clear cache partition. 
I do that for every update including the monthly patches.
Use Galaxy Guardians app and app boost to further optimize.
Everything is silky smooth.
Got lucky but also did the steps above. 
I don't care about animations. I turn these off or have them set for .5xx.
Phone always runs faster when multitasking. 
Gestures yes! Those are great and Nova launcher allows for One UI gestures and more! 
Anyways, thought I would share as Betas can be risky. Looking forward to the official and for Goodlock to catch up!
Honestly, the new lock screen is nothing compared to what you can do with LockStar.

One thing is currently broken...
When putting my Watch 4 into bedtime mode this does not currently sync with the phone as it did before. Probably die to the move of sleep to Bixby Modes as they now call it. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon with a patch for the watch and phone. Bixby modes is incredibly useful by the way. If /then logic. 

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I'm not impressed with Bixby.
If it could unlock the phone, it would be useful. As is, it's only one more step to do things manually.
The if/then logic is really good for automation. I have found it very useful.