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Live wallpaper lagging causing other bugs as well.

(Topic created: 10-02-2021 11:37 PM)
So I use a live wallpaper called "Galaxy Pack". Never had lag with it running any configuration available within the apps setting. 
After beta install, it lags when waking up the device (S21 ultra unlocked), lags while unlocking and lags the home screen animations and apps screen animation. It also causes lag in the drop down menu and thumbprint icon. Furthermore, it causes the fingerprint scanner to fail to unlock more often as if it isn't recognizing my thumbprint. It will eventually unlock but with a few tries. Not to mention the unlocking before beta was nearly instantaneous. Not sure what's causing it but after uninstalling Galaxy Pack it mostly fixes all the issues but the thumbprint have to be redone because that seems to stay sort of broken. All problems are expected as it is beta, I'm just responding as it is our duty for having the privilege of trying it out first. 
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Hello @userQCe6lZIorW ,

Thank you for your feedback. If you haven’t already, Please update Samsung members app to latest version from galaxy store and send us an error report immediately after experiencing the issue from the Samsung member’s app -> Beta Feedback -> Error Reports to help us debug the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your contribution to the beta program. 

We are putting in fixes to help with gif handling for live wallpapers in upcoming software update.

One UI Beta Team