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New feature I found in beta?!

(Topic created: 08-10-2023 06:07 PM)

So while I didn't have the beta 5 I just was wanting to try out the body composition again since that I havent use it in a while. So when I finished it gave me a badge for completing the first time? Weird bug maybe I need to report this but meanwhile I thought because when I just got the beta it had nothing so I went to backup my data right? Though I haven't backup in a minute cause when I did, it was old has heck. But I fixed it.


Suggestions 4.5 Let's goo!!!!

1. Make the battery widget avaliable for tablets

2. Make more ecosystem with watch and tablet.

3. Faster activity time (Last post)

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Edit: I could've find the photo since my watch updated while I'm making this and I can't find it. Maybe it's gone but it was really cool and it was like apple.