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One UI 5 Beta 5

(Topic created: 10-20-2022 06:08 AM)
Definitely, seems as we are getting closer to the final release. Beta 5 is silky smooth and the phone is noticeably snapier all around. 
I have only been a part of the beta program since version 3. Beta 5 is feeling really nice. 
Running Nova Launcher and I prefer the buttons at the bottom vs the gestures. 
Animations set to .5x in Developer options. 
Very happy with this release.

Had to delete and re-add some Bixby routines that are related to keeping the screen unlocked, i.e. connected to WiFi network. Usually, I would go into routines, edit and re save the routine and all would work. Deleting and re adding was the only way to get the routine to work. Not a huge deal, but leads me to believe that routines and lock screen security may have gotten some updates. 

Keep up the great work Samsung!
Ultra 22 unlocked TMo.
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Cosmic Ray
Had a few Bixby routines bug out on me, too. I just go into edit and then resave. Every time the phone restarts it's necessary. Hope it gets fixed.
There were some that editing and resaving did not solve like they used to. I had to delete and start over, then the routines worked.
I don't have an issue with the restarts and losing routines each time. Seem to stick.