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Second beta update is very buggy

(Topic created: 06-19-2023 11:56 AM)
Cosmic Ray

So after downloading the second Beta update my Watch 5 Pro LTE has been very laggy.

After powering on my watch is pretty unusable for like 10+ minutes. Watch is just too laggy to swipe through the tiles, check messages, or even go to settings. Never had this issue before.


Also the hand wake up feature is a hit of miss. Many times it doesn't work when I rotate my hand to see the time so I have to tap the screen or press a button to wake up the screen. Also when the display alway on feature was enabled when the screen wakes up I have to tap the screen before I can do anything. Before Beta I was able to rotate my wrist and immediately go through the tiles and do what I want. This extra step now sucks and inconvenient. Just takes longer to do what I want. 


Battery life seems better with the second Beta update compared to the first, but I feel like the battery still drains fast when on LTE. This past weekend I went camping and had spotty signal where I was at. Watch battery died when night time hit. Didn't have this problem before the Beta update. Also tried to use the wireless charge feature to charge the watch from my Note 20 Ultra and watch had a hard time charge up even with the watch powered off. Literally an hour to go from 3% to 15%. If I remeber right I was able to powershare from my phone to watch and get a faster charge in an hours time. Long story short I just left the watch powered off in the car because it was usable. 


Anyone notice the same issue. 

A few other things I've notice. So supposedly the Beta 2 update was to have auto detect excercise when cycling. I took a 45 minute bike ride and watch never detected the bike ride. Didn't detect my walk either. But it detected what it thought I was doing some excercise with my hand when I was uploading gear from the roof rack and setting up the tent. 

The second Beta update seems like a downgrade in my opinion with too many issues. 

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