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Terrible Battery life Watch 4 classic Beta 1UI 5

(Topic created: 08-17-2023 08:54 AM)
Cosmic Ray

I charged my watch to about 68% last night at around 9:45 P.M. This will give me at most about two days of charge. Check watch around 8:50 A.M. and it's completely dead.

I'm sorry, but your last update said improvements to the battery. Unfortunately, this is going backwards instead of forwards. Please make the improvements you promised. I'd really like to be able to use my Watch and not consider selling it as it won't even last a day.

Mind you I have GPS on, heart monitoring every ten minutes, and various other features minus Always On Display or raise wrist to turn on screen. Never had any issues till this Beta suddenly.

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Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time with battery life. I have a similar setup as you do, but I have the GPS off. The GPS is the single most battery killing component in the watch save for an always on display using a white background watchface on the OLED display.  Check to see if WFi is running. It eats battery and most people don't need to run it constantly. 

There is a surprising amount of inter-app chatter going on in the background operation of one of these watches. That is the nature of Android. It invisibly eats battery power in the background! That's why I have disabled all the apps on the watch that the Wear app allows you to disable including the Play Store. I have also uninstalled apps I'm never going to use. 

For a good eye-opener take a look at the list of running apps in the memory section of  Battery in the Wear App. I was astounded in the sheer number of things using battery that are associated with things I have either disabled or deleted, and that I would not want to use anyway. 

These things just waste battery power, and you really can't manage them.

Battery power is more of a problem for people with a 40mm GW4 or a 42mm GW4 classic as they only have a 247mah battery. I'm lucky as I have a 46mm GW4 classic with a 361mah battery. The 44mm GW4 also has a 361mah battery.  I don't know which model you have but size does matter in this case.

My point is this though: battery power and usage is a big negative for this line of smartwatch, despite all the good stuff it offers us. With the steps I've taken to mitigate unnecessary battery usage, installation of all 5 betas, 3 or so recharge cycles, I get 2 days 20 hours on a 100% charge. If you need GPS or other bells and whistles you may have to charge more frequently.