Smartthings Routine exacuting over another Routine


Smartthings Routine exacuting over another Routine

This for all you Smartthings folks I already asked support and they didn’t help.  

So this is what’s happening.   I have a Routine “I’m Back” which unlocks door and turns light to 50% well at 45 minutes before sunset I have another Routine run that increase lights to 70%.  So when I leave house everything shuts off and locks so we’re out passed sunset and then return the “I’m Back” Routine runs well now the evening light never runs because the “I’m Back” take priority over the evening lights.     So how to get the “I’m Back” to skip the lights and let the evening light Routine run.   Samsung says use the time part ya that would work but there is no way to increase the lights from 50% to 70% because it already know to put the lights at 50%. Any help would appreciate. 

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Re: Smartthings Routine exacuting over another Routine

You will want to speak with our dedicated SmartThings support team at 866-813-2404 for assistance with your automated routines.

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