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Fold4: downloaded app, now big screen is unusable and front screen has issues

(Topic created: 04-30-2024 03:58 PM)
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Downloaded an app for a product that had a camera that showed video on the phone. I could see the video without a problem on my big screen, but I closed the phone with the video and app open. Since then, I have not been able to use my big screen, it won't start. Sometimes the front screen has problems starting, but it still does. Now, I can only use my front screen. I restarted the phone and turned it off for a while and then turned it back on. Occasionally the big screen will work for a second or two, but then turns off. All the Member tests pass, but it never asks about the camera on the big screen. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated!

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@itzmenow You can try booting it into safe mode and seeing if the big screen works while booted in safe mode. But it sounds like you probably need to have Customer Care+ take a look at it.