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1 ear bud is at 50% volume while other is at 100% volume

(Topic created on: 2/19/21 5:39 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I have tried resetting the earbuds, cleaning them, pairing to another device (another phone, laptop, smart tv) and it stays at 50%. I have sent them in to get repaired in Sept of 2020 (they are still under warranty until 02-21-2021) but the lovely service department is sending them back saying t5hey are out of warranty. I am really angry that there is 0 way for me to contact them to get their system corrected. Someone gave me the efax@sea.samsung.com email address, but I haven't received an email back so I doubt it is even a functional email address.

the 1-800-samsung number is pointless to call because of the 4 times I have called, 1 was after hours so they can't do anything since service is closed, 2 other times, i was on hold for OVER AN HOUR and hung up, and the 4th time, there was a memo that because it snowed in TX, the shop was closed. But I am getting emails and text messages from service saying they are cancelling my repair and sending them back unrepaired.

Does ANYONE know how to contact someone useful? This only being able to talk with service if they call (which between 8-5 business hours... i'm working/in meeting/running demos/etc so i can't take personal calls), or waiting for the 800-samsung rep to get in touch with them and connect me to them if they ever answer is proving unfruitful.

I'm going to be mad as h*ll if this is a "run out the clock" tactic so they don't have to repair the ear buds by sending them back to run out the warranty. Anyone got a corporate number or email address? Some way to contact a person that can get me squared away? I didn't buy a star wars package and a note 10 anniversary package only to get snuffed because they didn't fix the earbuds properly the first time around.

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