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360 Audio - Utilize Atmos and 5.1 audio!

(Topic created: 11-02-2021 12:14 PM)
Galaxy Buds
When Samsung announced the 360 audio at the keynote, I was excited. So soon after Apple's Spatial audio, Samsung would be bringing in a similar feature. Competition provokes progress. Unfortunately, it has come to be a bit underwhelming. The main issue is that while it *does* maintain spatial awareness to the streaming device, it's only sounds like audio is coming from that one direction.

While Apple tried to simulate a surround sound experience, Samsung simulates sound coming from your device to the same degree as not wearing the headphones to begin with. To make matters worse, the manner by which Samsung goes about simulating this experience causes an echo; sounding like you're listening from your phone speakers in a bathroom or small, empty room. You could argue that by "echoing" the audio, it gives it a surround sound feeling, but in all actuality, it just makes the audio sound far worse than it does when you have the feature off and really does just sound like it's coming from a single direction (so to those audiophiles, you probably won't enjoy the degradation of audio quality due to this feature).

The last disadvantage that I've found with the 360 audio is the "spatial awareness." When I tried with the Airpods, you have *active* head/device tracking. If you moved your device to your left, the audio would go too. It seems (thus far) with the Galaxy Buds Pro, when you start playing media, the 360 audio will come from that direction, but it will not *actively* track where your device is. If you move your device while watching something, the audio will still come from the direction from when you started the media. Now, it *does* correct for this, but only after pausing the media, or stopping the 360 audio.

The purpose of me mentioning all of this is to try and provoke some more progress. At first when I heard the Buds would have this feature, I thought "man, they must have been working on it just about as long as Apple for how close the releases are!" But it has become clear that it *was* just an afterthought and answer to Apple's Spatial Audio. So I'm hoping this is only the "first generation" of the 360 Audio firmware, and hopefully it will improve more in the future. For someone who has invested himself in the Galaxy ecosystem, I would really love to see competitive improvement to the point where I don't drop my Buds in public for someone to say "Wow! Are those black Airpods?"
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