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Absolutely Terrible Warranty Experience.

I received my galaxy buds at Christmas as a gift. Near the end of February my case started having issues holding a charge, and after contacting tech support through chat and working through the various troubleshooting steps I was told that they would have to be sent in for replacement. I sent my buds off on March 2nd. On March the 4th I received a notice from UPS that the package was not deliverable because the address was invalid. I contacted support and they checked and verified that the label I was emailed did indeed have the wrong address on it. They assured me that it was being taken care of and I didn't need to do anything on my part. Sure enough, I got another alert from UPS on March 5th that my buds were received and checked in. The status of my ticket stayed at the verifying product stage from the 5th until the end of March when it finally switched to getting ready to ship replacements. During this period I must have called half a dozen times always getting the same response of just wait a few more days. I finally waited past the 15 day mark and case management got involved. This time period of 15 days is important. I was first told by case management that the status had never progressed past the verification stage. Then I was told that the exchange had been completed on March 6th. At this point the same agent told me that there was no tracking information in the system related to my new buds being sent back to me. So he started an investigation. After a couple days of not hearing anything I called yet again and a different member of case management told me that the shipping department had told him that the process has been delayed by COVID-19. Ok but how if the exchange was supposedly completed on March 6th? I called back the next day and was told by another member of case management that they had received a response from shipping and that I would have my buds on Friday April 3rd and was told that if I didn't get them to call back Friday afternoon. Well I didn't get them so I called back got another member of case management saying again to wait a few more days. I asked to talk to a manager and got a case management supervisor. The case management supervisor pulled up my case and told me that they hadn't ever gotten a response from the shipping department and I was going to have to wait until they did respond. I asked what else could be done and was told nothing. I had to wait for a response from the shipping department. It's been over a month since I sent my buds in for exchange and I am still no closer to getting them back or getting anyone willing to help me. Is there anyone out there that can help? Am I just out a set of buds? What am I supposed to do? Please someone give me some advice as I am at the end of my rope here. Thanks in advance.