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Another dead Galaxy Buds charger

Hey team -


On May 3 of this year, @SamsungGill and @SamsungRei helped me exchange my Galaxy Buds case under warranty. See ticket 4152717028 for reference.


It worked fine for a little under three months.


Now, all of a sudden, it won't charge fully. The red charging light stays on forever when the case is on the charger. When I put the buds in the case, they rarely charge to 100% unless the case itself is on the wall charger. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ wall charger with a Samsung USB charging cable. None of my other Samsung devices are having a problem. 


I've already tried the trick of draining the battery completely and then recharging it, and I've already reset the unit in the Samsung Wear app. Is there just some kind of faulty generation of these chargers? How might I go about getting one that is definitely brand new and won't die after another three months of use?


Any help that you could provide would be awesome. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Please let me know if there's any other information that I can provide.