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Auto-pause troubles

My Galaxy Buds would be perfect for me, but instead they're barely usable. The auto-pause feature is one that many consider convenient and even important enough to take into account when buying wireless earbuds, but I personally couldn't care less about it. To me, it's just a gimmick. But now, this gimmick that I don't really care about is making my Galaxy buds a pain.

Every few seconds I either hear a chime coming from one of my buds, or my music pauses by itself unintentionally. 

Now, I've tried things to get this to stop. I've made sure I'm wearing them correctly. I've tried every combination of earcup sizes. I've meticulously cleaned them. I've installed all updates. Nothing works. 

I know this will go unnoticed, given how I'm in the minority in my opinion of auto-pause, but Samsung, PLEASE add an option to disable my earbuds' ability to detect whether they're in my ears or not. This would be the difference between my Galaxy buds being trash, and my go-to audio solution. 

Product Expert

Re: Auto-pause troubles

Hello @Jubudia , I am sorry that you are experiencing this but it sounds as though you are going to have to contact Samsung. There are multiple ways of doing this either calling 1800-samsung (1800-726-7864) or email or live chat. Below I have linked the support to contact Samsung in more ways if those do not work for you. I hope this was helpful. Have a wonderful day!