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Bixby with Buds Live

(Topic created: 11-17-2020 12:08 PM)
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1. When I have my Buds in and I get a message it would be nice to have the ability for Bixby to announce the name of the sender and announce the content of the message. After reviewing the message it would be nice for Bixby to ask if I want to reply. 
2. It would be nice to be able to have Bixby read the dictated message and then when it asks "would you like to send" give the command to Bixby "Change" when you want it to erase the message you had it dictate and dictate a different message. 
3. Can you please allow us to respond to notifications from the Lock screen without having to unlock our phone every time??
4. Every time I want to use Bixby to perform a task when my phone is locked and I have Buds in Bixby tells me to unlock phone first. I wish it could do what I want without unlocking every time. 

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Samsung Moderator
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