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Bluetooth Call/Voice Quality Issues

Update: I did some more testing, and downloaded a voicerecorder app and heard a lot of shuffling.  I tested further and kept rubbing my fingernail on the phone, which is being picked up in the recording?  How is this being recorded when I am using the Galaxy Buds+?


I have the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and have had this issue with two different pairs of galaxy buds.  Call audio is fine, but people on the receiving end have complained that my voice sort of reverberates.  I have given myself a voicemail to test and confirmed.  I've reset my system network settings, tried resetting bluetooth, clearing system cache on bluetooth and phone apps, which all did not help. 


I figured OK, Galaxy Buds+ will solve my problem, and purchased a new pair.  I am still having this issue, and use the wired headset to dial into conference calls while I work from home.   I have also read on some different forums that it is an issue with the default phone app, and to try drupal.  I want to avoid that right now.  I also want to avoid going thru the troubles of resetting my phone for now.  Please help


Re: Bluetooth Call/Voice Quality Issues

everyboudy having the same issue and still no action taken from samsung, the developer team acting blindly like there is no complains from customers !!