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Brand new and left won't connect

So I got these free with my Galaxy S10 back in March of 2019 and never used them. Never even opened the packaging they sat in my closet until today when I decided to use them for the first time. I installed and got an update but it says connect both earbuds. The right will charge and play music, but I cant get the left to connect or charge. Cant install the update software either as the one wont connect. Already deleted Galaxy buds off my phone and unpaired from bluetooth and restarted my phone. What else can I do? Really annoyed these are brand new and just opened and they dont work

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Brand new and left won't connect

Have you attempted to try to reset the buds?


  1. tap General. Tap Reset earbuds and then tap Reset to confirm.


If you are not able to perform a reset on the buds, I recommend sending a private message providing the full model code and the serial number from the bottom of the charging cradle so I can further assist.