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Buds 2 Pro Updated today

(Topic created: 03-06-2024 05:44 AM)
Galaxy Buds
Build Number : R510XXU0AXB4
Android version : RTOS 1.0
Release Date : 2024-03-06
• Auto switch Buds
Operations for connectivity with PCs and usability have been improved.
※Supported devices and versions
 . Phone/Tablet: Supported on devices with One UI 4.1.1 or above and the “Continuity Service” app version 1.2.16 or above.
 . Galaxy Book: Supported on Samsung Settings v6.0.0 and later versions.
• Stability and reliability
An Auracast™ and device operation-related stabilization code has been applied
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Galaxy Buds
Thanks for the info; updating....