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Buds Pro Allegic Reaction

(Topic created: 08-12-2021 04:59 AM)
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I cannot express how disappointed I am with Samsung and the customer service provided by them. I have had pretty much every model of Galaxy phones since it first came out, and have never had an issue with the ear buds until the new pros arrived. Now i upgraded from the first version of the buds to the pros, and was very happy until i started to notice i was getting an allergic reaction to the buds. I would stop using them for a week and everything was back to normal i even went back the my original buds and no issues. I call Samsung to see what the fix is and i had 3 different people tell me they are aware and sales will send me hypoallergenic tips. I was ok no problem great so they transfer and and that's where the issues start no one seems to know about the tip and i kept getting run in circles. I was asked to send in the buds and it has been over 1 month now and the only response i have gotten is them asking for a picture of my ear, and the receipt for a refund. Again not what i was told would happen what is worse is i tell them i bought it on the Samsung website can they pull the receipt since i don't have it, and guess what no answer. I honestly do not think i would ever go back to a Samsung product after this. It is the point that its been less then 6 months since i bought it i have a problem and they honestly do not care.

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You can pull your invoice on your orders page in your account and they have to take it. There's no way to deny that receipt with the order number. Their support **bleep** though I agree and you practically have to ask for a manager to get someone who doesn't lie to you to get you off the line or chat.