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Buds Pro: Touch Controls keep re-enabling

(Topic created: 11-22-2021 07:07 PM)
Galaxy Buds

Hi there,

I have the buds pro with touch controls disabled in the app... and yet time and again the touch controls are re-enabled.

It seems that the app loses contact with the buds and so the buds re-enable touch controls but the gear app does not reestablish a connection.

The music or sounds keeps playing via bluetooth during this although interrupted by whatever accidental touch control that has been activated.

It appears that re-seating the buds causes the disconnect (just pushing the buds into the ear for example), this should be able to be fixed by making this less sensitive, perhaps putting a second or two of delay between the bud losing "contact" with the ear and the app disconnection.

The device with the app is a Galaxy S8.

The buds work really well apart from this so any help would be appreciated.



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