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Buds Pro Tracking MAJOR Security Flaw

(Topic created: 08-28-2021 11:28 AM)
Galaxy Buds

I have had my Buds Pro for 6 months or so.  I paid the extra $50 because you could track them if lost or stolen.  I am a Samsung fan and almost every electronic device in my house is made by Samsung and I have had outstanding customer service in the past, and I had already used the tracking app, so I figured, "what a great idea" which roped me into paying an exorbitant amount for earbuds because I thought I would never be able to lose them.  Well, not so fast......

I used the app a few times to find them when I forgot where I set them down, but then, they were stolen. I was able to track them for a day or so and then the app gave me an error. I called Samsung who told me that they were reset and someone else had registered them to their account, but would not tell me who they were, or where my property was located. All they would say is that they were sorry.

TOTAL FAIL, I loved them, but I cannot recommend them until Samsung addresses this flaw.

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